Islamic Laws

The Dress of Ihram

By: Ayatullah al-Uzma Shaykh Nasir Makarim Shirazi
& Ayatullah Ja’far Subhani
Question: Why it is necessary that the cloth of the Ihram should be such that is not worn usually and should be unstitched?
Answer: Hajj is a social worship, which should be performed with complete independence. To keep this purpose in mind during Hajj wearing of a two piece of cloth’s is enough, and prohibition of wearing casuals and formal dresses is there because they are distinguishing and create differences and sometimes are signs of pride and show-off and thus this desire of the human beings has come out practically, that one day the human beings will have to remove all the factors of pride and show off.
In other words Hajj in the eyes of Allah is the best way of showing that human beings are equal and thus it is necessary to remain aloof from all the formal and casual clothes, due to which differences arise and they should wear a two piece cloths and all people should look alike in this grand ritual.
Why Should Women Cover Themselves In Prayers?
Question: When Allah is aware of all the hidden and apparent things, why it is necessary for women to cover themselves during Prayers?
Answer: There is no doubt that Allah is aware of everything and all conditions and hidden and apparent are not applicable to him. He is not a stranger to His servants. We human beings while worshipping feel that we are in the presence of God; we talk to Him, and supplicate Him.
The person should wear the most appropriate clothes and it is obvious that the appropriate and perfect dress for women is what befits their chastity and which gives the best reflection of themselves.
During worship such type of clothes are best suited. Also the men cannot pray naked, it makes the prayer invalid and is against the spirit of worship and respect of Allah, but it is better that along with necessary clothes we should pray with clothes that show respect, for example it is not good to pray just with an undergarment. One should also wear shirt etc. over it.

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