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Importance of Hajj in Islam

Hajj is one of most important pillars of Islam and it is one of greatest religious duties.
Holy Qur’an says in a short and meaningful sentence: It is on people for the sake of Allah to perform Hajj of his house, anyone who is able to undertake the journey to him. (2:196)
And it says below this verse: And anyone who disbelieves (and renounces Hajj, has impaired himself), Allah is not in need of any of his created ones in the worlds.”(3:97)
The sentence “It is on people for the sake of Allah …” adding the definition of “disbelieves” (infidelity) for people who renounce the obligatory Hajj. This clears shows it’s extraordinary importance in Islam.
It is interesting that in the interpretation of the holy verse: And anyone who had been blind (from seeing Allah) in this world, will be blind in hereafter and more deviant from the path”. (17:72)
It has been quoted from Imam Sadiq (a.s.) that one of the meanings of the verse is that a person who postpones his obligatory Hajj continuously until his death arrives (he will be blind in hereafter).1
It has been mentioned in another Hadith: “Anyone who renounces his obligatory Hajj without any excuse will be re awoken as Jew or Christian”
We read in a Hadith from Imam Sadiq (a.s.): “Persons who perform Hajj and Umrah are guests of Allah. He will grant them their wishes and any prayer that they recite will be accepted. And if they pray for intercession about a person it will be accepted … and if they die in this way Allah will forgive all of their sins”.
Also, we read in another Hadith that:
Nothing compares with the accepted Hajj and it has no reward other than heaven!”
A Person who performs Hajj purifies himself from sins like the day that he was born”.
And this is the greatest gift, and the best honor and the highest reward.
1. This Hadith and future ones have been quoted by the late Mohaghegh Yazdi in “al-Urwat al-Wusqa” in the book of Hajj and the late Sheikh Hurr Ameli and other great scholars in the book “Wasael al-Shi’aa” and other famous Hadith books.

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