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Do Muslims Get Along with Jews and Christians and other Faiths or Non-faiths?

Yes, of course Muslims get along with people of the Jewish and Christian faiths. It is a myth or bad rumor that Muslims hate Jews and Christians or anyone else, for that matter, who isn’t Muslim. The Qur’an, sadly, has been taken out of context more then once surrounding this issue.
It is incumbent upon us, as Muslims, to get along with those around us regardless of their beliefs, epically those of other faiths who believe in God. The Prophet (pbuh) lived along side Jews and Christians in Madinah where by they got along and did not force their beliefs on one another but instead respected each other and helped one another.

When the Prophet settled in Madinah, he wanted to create a cooperating human community and establish an exemplary civil society at a time when these poor Arabs could never imagine what a civil society could mean. So for the first time in history, he established the pact of Madinah.

In this constitution, all signing parties — including Muslims, Jews, and other (pagan) Arabs — agreed that they would live in Madinah together as a society and would defend it in case of an attack and would never help any outsider against any of the other signing parts and would never betray the agreement.

At Revert Muslims Association we encourage Interfaith dialogue and we encourage all those new to Islam to respect the beliefs of others and to not force your beliefs of Islam onto them. It’s important to defend your beliefs and to discuss them when others are curious of your faith.

Treat others as you would like to be treated and do not judge someone based on their beliefs or cultures, only Allah(Swt) may do that.

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