Islamic Laws

About the Philosophy of Islamic Laws

The extract of the sermon of Hazrat Fatima (‘a) the Princess of Islam
Allah has settled:
Faith – so that He may clean your heart from polytheism.
Prayers – so that the pride may vanish from your mind.
Zakat – So that your heart becomes purified and your property increases.
Fasting – So that your sincerity becomes firm.
Hajj Ka’ba – So that the religion gets strength and magnificence.
Justice – So that you may join your hearts together.
Imamat of Ahle Bayt (‘a) – So that the Ummat is saved from disparity and divergence.
Jihad – So that the grandeur of Islam and the dignity of the Muslims is saved.
Amr bil Maruf – so that the common people are reformed.
Sile-rahm – so that the number of Muslims increase in the world.
Qisas – so that the lives of the people are protected.

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