A’amaal & Dua’a for the Eve/Day of Mab’ath

A’amaal & Dua’a for the Eve/Day of Mab’ath ( official Appointment) & Me’raj ( Ascension) -27th Rajab

27th Rajab is a highly blessed night / day called ‘laylat al-mab`ath’,which stands for the beginning of the Holy Prophet’s Mission of promulgating the true religion of Almighty Allah On this day, the Holy Prophet (saws)was appointed for conveying the Divine Mission of Almighty Allah when Archangel Gabriel first came to him with the Divine Revelation.

First: It is recommended to have Ghusl (bath) on this day.

Second: It is recommended to observe fasting. This day is one of the four days that are dedicated to fasting among the whole year. The reward of observing fasting on this day is equal to seventy years fasting.

Third: It is recommended to repeat very frequently the salwat ie sending blessings upon Prophet Muhammad and his Household. ie Recite Salwaat “Allahooma Salle Alaa Mohammadin wa Aale Mohammad,” (Durood mp3) as many times as possible.


Fourth -1)”Verily, one who does (acts of worship) at this night will have the reward of him who has worshipped Almighty Allah for sixty years.” When the Imam (a.s) was asked about the kind of acts at this night, he answered, “After you offer the `Isha’ Prayer and sleep, you may wake up before midnight & pray 12 rakaat salaat (2 units x 6), in every rakaat recite any surah after suraa e Faatih’ah

After Salam recite the following verses 7 times each..

i) Al Faatih’ah #1
ii) Al Ikhlaas #112
iii) Al Falaq #113
iv) An Naas #114
v) Al Kaafiroon #109
vi) Al Qadr #97
vii)Aayatul Kursi ( 2: 255 – 257)
& then recite the following Dua’a

All praise belongs to Allah, Who has not taken a son and does not have a partner in the Dominion, nor does He have a helper out of weakness; and magnify Him with a worthy magnification (Holy Qur’an 17:111). O Allah, I ask You by: the juncture of Your might over the pillars of Your Throne, and the ultimate Mercy from Your book. And [I ask You] by Your name – the great, the majestic, the splendid. And [I ask You] by Your remembrance – the elevated, the sublime, the exalted; and by Your complete and perfect words, that You bless Muhammad and his family and do for me, what You are worthy of, .

27th Rajab Night dua

Sixth In his book of ‘al-Balad al-Amin,’ al-Kaf`amiy has instructed the following: Recite the following supplication on the Divine Mission Night:

O Allah: I beseech You in the name of the Grandest Manifestation
at this night in this glorified month and in the name of the honored Messenger, that You send blessings upon Muhammad and his Household and that You forgive us that which You know better than we do.

O He Who knows while we do not.

O Allah: (please do) bless us at this night

which You have exalted with the honor of the Divine Mission, and You have esteemed with Your honoring, and You have raised to the Honorable Place.

O Allah: We thus beseech You in the name of the honorable mission, the gentle master, and the chaste line that You may bless Muhammad and his Household

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