Islamic Laws

The Importance of Jurispudence

Allah, the creator of mankind and the world with all its precision and secrets, emphasizes in the Holy Scriptures that man needs order in his worldly life and needs to find the path that leads him to his purpose, which is the eternal blessings of the next life.
Man’s divine disposition (rah)fit) necessitates him to follow religion and religious laws. The reason for this is that man, as shown in his nature and throughout history, is unable to understand what is good and what is bad for him in every situation.
Jurisprudence, which discusses the divine code, teaches us religious laws which give order to our worldly life, which give us benefit, which take us away from corruption and show us the path that leads man to his purpose.
The Special Qualities of Jurisprudence
 Inclusiveness; it includes everything needed to manage and give order to man’s life in every aspect and dimension. Jurisprudence gives order to man’s life in every different situation, for example: worship, social relations, business deals, personal affairs such as marriage, divorce, inheritance, adequate support (nafaqah), family rights, legal matters, government, war, enjoining the right and forbidding the wrong, charity and punishments.
 Easiness; there is no divine law that puts a mukalaf in extreme difficulty.[10]
 Congruence with man’s nature; a law that is against one’s divine disposition cannot be found. The reason for this is that the one who makes the divine laws is the same one who created man and who knows the secrets of his soul. For this reason it is possible for Islamic jurisprudence to be in congruence with man’s divine disposition.[11]
 Balance; There is no excessiveness in jurisprudence.[12]
Islamic jurisprudence is what connects this world to the next.
[10] Refer to 22:78
[11] Refer to 30:30
[12] Refer to 2:143

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