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About the Nijasat (dirt)) of living with Dog

By: Fatima Zabeth Beenesh
a. The saliva of the mouth of Dogs is najis (dirty and unhygienic) as it causes Rabies and the vessel which it eats; we have to clean it first with mud and then wash it with water as the germs of that saliva are killed only by mud. The saliva of the dog causes rabies which is incurable and painful. Even if the dogs are rabies free.
b. The creator of the entire universe has made the Dogs as Najis (dirty) and not to be inside our house because of their fidelity to human beings as the humans loves that kind of fidelity and there is no such love and fidelity that exists in human beings. The example are the people of western countries who in this era of materialism with present days 0% of human fidelity prefers to live with the dogs rather with the humans and this is a highly disgraceful situation of this advanced era. We human being became the companions of the dogs rather than human beings who need our love and attention. For several reasons God has made their saliva as Najis (dirty).
c. The feces of Dogs are against human (purity) pakizagi. Especially in the house of a pregnant woman and houses with babies Dogs are very unhygienic for them.
d. Dogs are here only to protect the land and property of a man and not to become the 24 hours companions of a man.
e. Dogs are not like cats they must be looked after very carefully and must be kept clean or else soon they give stinking odor if they are left on their own. The feces of Dogs are against human (purity) pakizagi.
f. The wise follows the commands of God the creator of the world who knows us better than us or else another way is to reject God’s commands and live like blind and deaf in Gumrahi.
g. God says in Quran: I know what you don’t know.

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