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Why eating meat is allowed?

By: Fatima Zabeth Beenesh
If someone questions you why do you eat meat as it is cruel to kill an animal? Then we must answer. Did you solve the problem of the hunger of the 70 percent of hungry and poor people who sleeps with empty stomach every day?
I myself came across a man in an Indian plane while travelling; a man who was old traditionalist Hindu) who ordered vegetarian food but twice drank wine. Which doctor advised them to drink wine twice and not to eat meat? What defects have the meat on health and what are the good effects of wines
Who provides food for the bird living on the heights of the mountains? That is only God. The birds and animals are created by God in this world to fulfill our needs; they are created for our benefit. They are here to serve us; we not created to serve them.
A young girl from the old tradition died due to deficiency of nutrient. Doctors told her to eat meat and eggs but she refused as it is a forbidden in her religion. Later this young girl with so many desires and full of life died because of this baseless ideology.
When the cows and goats get old who looks after them? Nobody, when they used to give milk they were looked very carefully but when they get old they become burden on their masters, and preferred to be killed to face the burdensome life. The human beings today are not ready to look after their old and elders in their period of weakness and helplessness, so are they ready to look after those innocent old animals.
Since thousands of years, the best offering human beings to God is the cattle only since the time of Adam alaihis salam until today. Even in the ancient history of India the sacrifice of animals was their traditions.
Which is the holy book of this ancient religion of Indian sub-continent and their messenger? There is no answer with an authentic proof but they have thousands of gurus and there are people of sub continent following them blindly. May be it is the tradition of the gurus to avoid the meat, the luxurious food.Not even meat and egg, some of their gurus prohibited them from eating ginger, garlic, and other underground vegetables Why? When they are so much nutritious because these vegetables while growing did not see the light of the sun and they have grown in darkness, so the gurus prevented their disciples to eat those stuff, not to get effected from the darkness. They have fear that the vegetables are intoxicated by the darkness.
The prosperous forest is the place where the tigers and lions lives. What the tiger eats? Can we make them vegetarian? If the tigers have the right to eat meat, why not a man’ “the supreme creature of God” must not enjoy these benefits of God?
One the festival of Eid ul-Azha day the Muslims creates the atmosphere of love and togetherness. On Baqr Eid we Muslims sacrifice cattles. Are there only the Muslims who enjoy the meat of Baqr Eid? The people of other religions too enjoy the same way as the Muslim celebrates their Eid, as the meat is distributed to the people of all religions.
With the firm faith I could say those nations who sacrifice cattle once in a year and provide festival to one and all, the bird’s flu’s and swine flu’s never afflict them at all and their property will be safe and sound and secured by Almighty God.
God has commanded in his book and has made milk and meat of a cow and goat lawful and to be eaten by humans for nutrition. God has also mentioned in Quran that the things that is made lawful by him it must not be made as unlawful by people as it is beneficial for humans and the things that are made unlawful must be avoided as it is not good for humans. God who is the creator of this world and humans knows everything best than anyone and it is foolishness to make halaal things as haraam and haraam things as halaal. Avoid haraam for your own good as God knows the best.

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